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  Create a short (3-5 min.) video on any of the categories listed.
The entry must be the original work of the student(s), hereafter referred to as "entrant(s)."

1. Videos must be submitted no later than 3:30 on May 20th.

2. All entrant(s) enrolled (9th - 12th) at Watertown High School are permitted to participate in the Film War. Individuals not enrolled at Watertown High School may participate as cast members but may not submit videos independent from current student videos.

3. No foul language; please remember that this is for school.

4. No inappropriate clothing or excessive showing of skin.

5. No extreme gore, blood is allowed, but do not take it too extreme.

6. No copyrighted material used should exceed educational limitations. Limited use of copyrighted material will be permitted in the entry so long as it is a lawful or so-called "fair" use, and so long as such use does not overwhelm the contribution of the student(s).

Entrant(s) should comply with the copyright law. Contents of productions should be original in nature. For example, scanning illustrations from a book as the pictorial content of a computer art or authoring production is discouraged as not being original and is, undoubtedly, copyright infringement.

Being that this project is for educational purposes you may use copyright material in a limited manner. If and when copyrighted material is used, credit must be given to the artist/copyright holder. In addition to credit, the use of 10% or 30 seconds of music, 10% or 3 minutes of a motion picture and 10% or up to 15 images from on single author are acceptable.

7. Videos must be kept within 3-5 minutes each. Any videos exceeding this time limit will automatically be withdrawn!

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