About this CD-ROM

This project was created by the Watertown High School Electronic Publishing II class in order to demonstrate the professional multimedia abilities they have attained through the course of their high school career. This class consists of students in grades 11 through 12, who used their knowledge and creativity to compile this multimedia CD-ROM.

The following is a list of people and businesses that assisted in acquiring the footage used in this presentation:

Casey Feininger | Julie K. Ranum | Redlin Art Center | Watertown Chamber of Commerce | Christine Walraven | The Public Opinion | Scott Shephard Shanon Manley | David Eggen | Susan Patrick | Brad Brandsrud

Students were assigned specific tasks in which they were required to complete. This is a comprehensive list of the areas of concentration:

Multimedia Production
Justin Pieschke | Troy Mullaly | Ron Farber | Alex Suurmeyer | Ethan Johnson | Allen Jensen | Jesse Stonehouse | Ian Jensen

Video Production
Ian Jensen | Allison Lightfield | Alex Suurmeyer | Ron Farber

Audio Production
Sam Langner | Jesse Stonehouse | Colin Zent | Kyle Kourthour | Allen Jensen | Ron Farber

Web Production
Ryan Achterberg | Thadeus Sissing | Colin Zent | Kyle Kourthour

Allison Lightfield | Alex Suurmeyer | Sam Langner | Jesse Stonehouse | Tyler Wiese

We would like to thank the following teachers and community members for their input and ideas during interviews in our production.

Jackie Stacy, Band Director
Burdell Gauger, Chorus Director
Darrell Stacy, Mckinley Elementary Principal
Dave Eggen, Jefferson Elementary Principal
Denise Lightfield, Jefferson Elementary Teacher
Kelly O’Connor, Watertown High School Teacher
Lesli Hansen, Watertown School District Superintendent
Steve Moore, Watertown School District Assistant Superintendent
Micheal Butts, Watertown High School Principal
Scott Walker, Watertown High School Teacher
Vic Godfrey, Varsity Track Coach
Pat McClemans, Watertown High School Teacher
Robert Hirsch, Watertown High School Teacher
Doug Schooley, Athletic Director
Lynne Steinley, Watertown High School Teacher
Tawnya Jensen, Watertown High School Teacher
Amy Zachrison, Watertown High School Teacher
Gregg DeSpiegler, Roosevelt Elementary Principal
Sue Trively, Payroll and Benefits Coordinator

Thanks to the following students for going above and beyond in their participation on this project.

Ron Farber - Remastering projects and many small tweaks - Good is not Great!
Jesse Stonehouse - Marketing of the program and project - I needed this yesterday!
Troy Mullaly - Playing and playing to figure out how to do things - Sure... I will give it a shot.
Justin Pieschke and Allison Lightfield - Getting all the audio even after the project was thought to be done - Sure... We will go record it again.