Employee Benefits

The Watertown School Board believes recruiting and retaining quality instructors is done through a strong benefits program. The benefits our instructional staff receives include health, life, dental insurance, personal and professional leave, and sick leave. Our instructors also participate in the South Dakota Retirement System which is viewed as one of the best in the country.

Watertown School District offers stipend payment for graduate programs and graduate credits as well participation in master degree programs sponsored by state funding.

Watertown School District 14-4

2007-2008 Salary Formula - W/Ps

2007-08 Regular - Base Salary - $27,500

2007-08 Psychologists - Base Salary - $34,375

(Psychologists Base considers a Masters Degree)

Adjustment to The Base Salary For Education Beyond BA

Per LaneAccumulated
BA +16$1,090$1,090
BA +38 or MA$1,450$2,540
MA +16$1,090$3,630
MA +32$1,090$4,720
2007-08 Adjustments
Percent IncreaseFlat Dollar Increase

Watertown offers so much more than the normal sculpture of extra-curricular activities for teachers to be involved in.” Mrs. Sue Trively, Payroll and Benefits Coordinator, Watertown School District