Community of Watertown

Watertown is a fast growing and prosperous community. It ranks as the fourth largest city in the state with a population of 21,000. Located on Interstate 29 and US Highway 212, centered between Fargo, North Dakota, Sioux Falls South Dakota and the Twin Cities in Minnesota, Watertown is known for its safe environment.  Watertown is a trade center for 75,000 people. While offering the liveliness and activity of a much larger city, Watertown still offers the small town lifestyle. The current average residential price of a home is $131,000. Summer, winter, fall, or spring, the Watertown community offers many events and activities such as: biking on our bike trails, playing baseball or frisbee in one of our many parks or visiting the Bramble Part Zoo, Redlin Art Center, Family Aquatic Center or Thunder Road. These are just a few of the many activities that Watertown has to offer. Watertown in located in the heart of South Dakota's glacial lake region, and offers an outdoor paradise for all to participate in. The children of our community have the opportunity to be involved in many activities including Park and Recreation Programs, Dakota Gold Dance and Gymnastics and a large variety of other clubs and organizations. Overall, you will find that Watertown offers a desirable lifestyle for families to grow, learn, and meet new people.

I believe that the Watertown Community supports their public education. Not only do they support the academic portion of it, but if you look at our venue as far out as extracurricular activities; If you go to a football, basketball or volleyball game, if you go to any of these, there's lots of community involvement." Mr. Gregg DeSpiegler, Principal, Roosevelt Elementary