Programs for SUCCESS

The Watertown School District's success and high quality rating is in part credited to the growing number of outstanding programs. This past year, our students were ranked the highest in the state on the Dakota Step test compared to the other large schools in the district. This test measures our studentsí ability to master the state standards and curriculum of the district. We offer many programs for our students to help them succeed.

At the elementary level, the students are taught by highly trained teachers in literacy development. We integrate technology at the elementary level with daily SuccessMaker sessions and other math and reading interventions to help each student succeed. Because we believe in a holistic educational program, our students also experience physical education, music and art.

At the Middle School, our staff utilizes the middle school philosophy to offer support to our students as they continue to develop and mature. We have strong academic curriculum that accelerates students if necessary, and also remediation to help those who need more time. The Middle School focuses on strong methodology in order to help all students succeed and continue to use the Making Middle Grades Work program to improve their school.

The Watertown High School is fortunate to have a 1:1 laptop initiative. This initiative began five years ago, and the district has found this to be a strong motivational component to student learning. We are able to meet student needs through the integration of software, additional technical high school coursework at Multi-District, and dual credit options at Lake Area Technical Institute. The Watertown High School offers many courses in all disciplines and ten advanced placement courses for those wishing to challenge themselves above the high school level.

We also provide counseling support, gifted and talented services, and learning center services to students who have additional needs.

Being an elementary principal in the Watertown School District is just exciting, because of the programs we offer to the students and to the families, and so it’s really exciting to see the students grow." Mr. Darrell Stacey, Principal, McKinley Elementary