Public Education in Watertown

Our school population is thriving with an enrollment of 3,700 students in grades kindergarten through twelve. The district has five elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. We also have a Special Service Center and two alternative learning opportunities for students who need different options for learning. Our student-centered classrooms have an average class size of 23 students, and we believe this is a key to enhancing our teacher and student interaction. The High School has an 89% graduation rate, and 83% of our students continue in post-secondary schools.

Along with the broad curriculum available to students, we are privileged to have well-trained professional teachers. Because we believe relationships are key in reaching our students, we stress the Girls and Boys Town philosophy and the importance of caring for each and every student.

Where is Watertown School District?

The staff here is like a family, there is a lot of strong teams. There is a great mix of experienced teachers with younger teachers learning from the experienced teachers about things that work well with kids for kids and families."Mr. Gregg DeSpiegler, Principal, Roosevelt Elementary