Future "Live" athletic events will be brought to you from The Public Opinion. To view games and other events please visit the following site: http://www.po-tv.inkbarrelnetworks.com/ or click this alternate link:

Other WSD events and athletic highlights will be listed below. Click the link provided or visit mms://media.lakeareatech.edu/LiveStream. Highlights of events can be viewed by clicking the "Archived" link. You can also download the video by control clicking and saving the video file to you computer.

Date Activity Viewing Time Archived
09/20/2010 WHS Legend Archived Video
09/24/2010 Spirit Assembly Archived Video
12/04/2010 Wrestling Archived Highlight
12/06/2010 Band Concert Archived Video
12/07/2010 Girls Basketball Archived Highlight
12/14/2010 Boys Basketball Archived Highlight
12/16/2010 Chorus/Symphony Concert Archived Video
12/17/2010 Boys Basketball Archived Highlight
01/03/2011 Gymnastics Archived Highlight
01/04/2011 Boys Basketball Archived Highlight
01/06/2011 Wrestling Archived Highlight
01/07/2011 Girls Basketball Archived Highlight
01/28/2011 Boys and Girls Basketball - Rapid City Archived Highlight
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